How are Payment Authorizations Handled?

Upon order confirmation, we will authenticate your payment information. All credit cards are verified with the billing address registered to the card. It is extremely important that you enter all requested information exactly as it appears on your billing statement. You may receive an email from us if additional information is required. We will do our best to ensure that this process does not delay your order. If your order contains multiple items, they may be shipped at different times or from different facilities. In this case, we may authorize the full amount, but process individual charges from these separate shipments. The total amount charged to your payment method will equal the amount you were given on the Order Confirmation page.

Please Note: Payment Authorizations to cards issued in countries other than the United States may be subject to different processing time and additional verification. Individual banks and credit card processors may vary in how charges against authorizations are handled as well as how quickly authorizations are voided on canceled orders.